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We are pleased to offer a selection of TYPE OF PRODUCTS.

PRODUCT NAME: Papillon Alcohol Free Sparkling White "Champagne Bottle"


A delightful sparkling white with festive flavorurs of fresh sun kissed grapes.  A hint of dry fruity taste of sparkling white grapes. 100% Alcohol Free.

Price: $29.99

PRODUCT NAME: Robertson Winery Sparkling White Non-Alcoholic


Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White.  A semi-dry but bubblie delightfull sweet with a hint of vine rippen fruit and sunshine. 100% Alcohol Free no added dyes or sugars.

Price: $109.99

PRODUCT NAME: Tulbach Sparkling White "champagne Bottle" 


An alcohol free sweet sparkling white wine, bubbly enough for any occasion.  Made from  100% white grapes. Crisp with fruity bubbles that fill your mouth.  The finish is smooth and fresh. Selected Muscat Ottonel grapes.  199% all natural.

Price: $14.99

PRODUCT NAME: Rhebokskloof Sparkling White "Champagne Bottle"


This delightfully sparkling, unsweetened natural grape juice will quench the driest of thirsts, leaving the palate feeling revitalized and refreshed.  Enjoy Rehbokskloof Sparkling white chilled.  No added sugars or water.  100 % all natural grapes

Price: $14.99

PRODUCT NAME: Rhebokskloof Sparkling Red "Champagne Bottle"


A natural unsweetened grape juice with sparkling Red grape juice.  Refreshing  Rhebokskloof Sparkling Red Non-Alcohol drink

Price: $14.99

PRODUCT NAME- Papillon Alcohol Free Sparkling Blush "Champagne Bottle"


A delightful sparkling blush with festive flavorurs of fresh berries and candy floss.  A fruity sweet sparkling red grapes.  100% Red Muscadel Juice

Price: $34.99

Rhebokskloof Vineyards Non-Alcoholic Champagne

(SKU #6003998)

This delightful Non-Alcoholic Sparkling blend was produced from  Chardonnay grapes blended in southern Paarl.  It is a light style French sparkling Non-alcohol with a complex bouquet of fruity flavours accessed by its bubbly taste that complements shellfish, caviar or just a chilled glass with someone special. Perfect for wedding toast or that special occasion.

Price: $39.95

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