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All grape juice is white, whether you have used red or white grapes. Prior to the development of Thermo Flash grape juice extraction, the only method of producing red grape juice was by adding powdered dye to the juice.

Thermo Flash extraction has now made it possible to burst the red skins and seed cells as part of the juice extraction process, thus releasing the colour pigmentation, which is high in phytochemicals, directly into the juice.

Through this process, juice is released to what was previously only possible in wines through fermentation. Now there is a juice with the complexity of wine with absolutely no alcohol.

Our grapes are squeezed and bottled as the grapes reach their peak in taste. Our juice is then bottled at the peak of perfection ~100% all natural grape juice.

The De-Alcoholized process:

The grapes are harvested at the optimum ripeness to ensure the finest varietal characteristics. Winemaking is gentle, with the minimum intervention and only when the winemaker is content with the quality of the wine, the alcohol is removed via a spinning cone. Done under vacuum and at a low temperature, this process ensures the product retains its unique appeal.

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